Craig Gerdes Overcomes Nashville Rejection and Stays True to Real Country Music

By: John Aldo Pitstop For Country

For many country music fans, the perceived pinnacle of success in country music is to land a record deal in Nashville.  Long viewed as the Mecca of country music, many unenlightened fans still lack the understanding that Nashville is no longer the sole hub for talent in the country world.  It has become the once glamorous mom and pop store that everyone loved to visit, to the chain store that cares solely about the business side of things – alienating it's core customers and the quality products they expected.  While there are the occasional whispers of hope from within it's doors, it continues to disappoint and turn people away.  Those that also think Nashville has no talent need a slap across their face.  There is plenty, but they fail to receive mainstream success or press.  Independent artist Craig Gerdes knows all too well that feeling of alienation within Nashville, and he's releasing a new record next year that will have some execs eating their cowboy hat.  Oh wait, they don't know what those are… (READ MORE)